Learn to Play the Guitar Quickly

Tips for Beginning Guitarists

When people get interested in playing guitar, there are a lot of choices of how to learn it. You can hire a private guitar teacher, go to guitar class, guitar online lessons, or if you know someone from your family, relatives, friends, do not hesitate to ask for help.

When it comes to online tutorials you can choose from audio, text, or video tutorials, whichever you like or you feel comfortable with. And there are many tutorials that come in books, e-book, mp3’s, or in DVDs that can help you learn guitar in a fun way. You can also learn it by yourself if you do not feel comfortable with the choices that you have available to you. You will no doubt have many options to choose from depending on your preferred style of playing.

But an important thing to remember if you are self-taught is that you may need to ask for feedback from a teacher or from your friends or family, or anything that will help you improve your guitar skills. You will fail many times but guitarists are not made overnight. They are made from the long, grueling hours spent alone with their instrument so never stop. You cannot be as good without doing some hard work and determination on your part.

This may help you if you are self-taught.

Below we’re going to cover a list of things that are worth remembering when you are a first timer in playing guitar, and some additional helpful tips that will help you to get better at playing guitar in a much quicker amount of time.

You should be aware of your posture

Proper guitar posturePlaying guitar starts from knowing the basics, like good posture and how you hold the guitar. Depending on whether you can play it while sitting or standing you will notice good posture is necessary to play correctly and efficiently. If you are having a hard time when playing a chord or switching from chord to chord, you should check if you have proper posture or the way you’re holding the guitar. With better posture comes better playing ability and better economy of motion.

Working your fingers around the fret-board

Fretting notes quickly and properly relies on your ability to move your fingertips on the strings efficiently. Consider your posture, how you position your fingers and your economy of motion when moving around the fretboard. You should not put too much pressure on pressing the strings, as it may cause fatigue at your arm that will lead you to get tired faster. Make to practice your scales in order to get a more fluid feel for moving your hands around the fretboard. This combined with better economy of motions will lead you to an accelerated learning curve giving you better mastery over the fretboard.

Be aware of your rhythm & ALWAYS use a metronome

Always a use a metronome when practicing guitar

Many beginners think that the thought of how you strum the strings is same with working on rhythm. How you do the upstrokes and down strokes properly fall into place once you have learned to keep track of your rhythm for a song. And the only way you’ll be able to keep track of the song is by understanding time signatures and how basic beats work. Practicing with a metronome is ESSENTIAL to a newbie guitar players arsenal of tools.

You will find your playing becoming more efficient and sounding better the more you practice with a metronome. You may think your starting to sound better but may be surprised to hear how off beat and tempo you are when playing to a metronome. So make sure to always use one.

Develop Your Ear

Musicians will agree that the most important talent for any aspiring player to develop your ear. Learning to tune your guitar without a tuner and learning to hear the different octaves and tones for different notes will be essential when you start gaining the ability to play what you hear inside your head. After all that’s why we are guitarists after all isn’t it? We have sounds and rhythms in our heads that we want to express through the guitar. And by having a better developed ear you’ll be able to pin-point the exact sound you need on the guitar from the notes you can hear in your head.

These are just some simple tips to getting better as a guitar player but are essential for any newbie guitar player to make sure they understand when they first get started playing. A master can only become a master by first mastering the basics. With a solid foundation you’ll be on your way to becoming a competent and confident guitar player.

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Selling a Distressed Property For Cash as a Musician

traveling musician

If you’re a musician who is constantly on the road, traveling, playing shows and gigs, and at the same time own a house that has no one to care for it, then one of the best possible solutions to your stress of having a distressed property, that is in need of serious repair work, is to simply use a real estate investor and sell it.

Many home owners who need to get rid of their houses often fail to realize that you don’t always need to use a real estate agent to sell your house fast for cash in san diego.

If you’re a musician who inherited their property, in cases where you’re too busy playing shows and are never home as is, it’s often best to simply use a private party such as a real estate investor who buys houses for cash, and does everything to it that needs to be done that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

The benefit for the investor is that they can then flip the house for a profit and or rent the house out once all the work needed to be done has been finished. And as a musician, you will be paid in full, the cash offer you are given by the investor.

In which case you can take that money and invest in new instruments, amps, sound effects whatever you want.

This is a simple solution and works about 99.99% of the time to the sellers benefit as they will receive an all cash offer that is relative to the neighborhood value of the houses in the surrounding area.

Whereas your house is likely to sit on the open market for months on end, if you were to go with a real estate agent – using an investor is obviously the better option. A good investor will be able to pay you cash for your property before you lose your home to a foreclosure leaving you stuck with a property you can’t afford, and putting you in an even worse situation then what you originally started with.

Using an investor will solve this since they can close on your home within 30 days and close escrow fast. They’ll get you cash and all the profits will be yours. The easiest way to find these companies is to do a google search. So if you’re in the california area, search for something like “we buy ugly houses in southern california” and a whole bunch of listings will come up for you.

You won’t have to pay any fee’s or do anything extra other than to simply let the investor purchase the house. And that’s it. After that they do ALL the work and you get the cash they pay you for your house.

No Strings attached which makes this one of the most ideal options you can have if you need to sell your house but are having a hard time doing it.

The primary advantage of selling to a real estate investor is the full cash payment you will receive once they review your property and decide whether or not it falls within their guidelines of houses they can buy.

Sometimes a house simply won’t hold any real, potential long-term value so they will opt out of buying it but this is only in rare cases when the house is simply to far gone in an unprofitable area.

Even though some investors will require you to pay a closing cost, this is usually shouldered by the more experienced investor and won’t even think about charging you for such things.

So if this is something you are seriously interested in, I would highly advise you to start doing your research.

Whether you’re in europe or the states there are reputable investors all over the world and many who are likely local in your town or city already.

Simply do a google search for some of the best and most recommended and you can begin doing further research to narrow down your choices.

Then simply contact them, they will provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer and if you accept you can pretty much consider your house sold as they will buy it from you.

So if you need to sell quick, make sure to get started now!


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The History of Gibson Guitars as One of the Leading Manufacturers


Gibson Guitar’s history begins from the very early 1900’s. Throughout the manufacturers years in business, Gibson has pioneered several different aspects of the Guitar that are now standard practice in the process of building guitars.


Started by dining establishment clerk Orville Gibson in 1902, ended up being a global leader in guitar based instruments in a very fast time-span that many other manufactures of the time, failed to accomplish.

It was in 1936 when Gibson released it’s first “electrical” type guitar, which was the ES-150. This quickly became one of the most sought after types of guitar, and was pioneered by classic guitar players like Charlie Christian, who propelled the unique sound from a lead instead of rhythmic progression, position.

This started a musical revolution with electric based instruments, when the acoustic, prior to the electric was the most sought after type of guitar.
Once Gibson partnered with Lester Paul, and created the les Paul solid body, it was then that Gibson propelled itself into one of the leading Manufacturers in high-quality, professional based guitars.
The Les Paul quickly became an Icon and today is still recognized as one of the most pristine and sought after “vintage” type guitars which, if you happen to own one, can be worth quite a bit of money if it’s still in good condition. And if you need some online lessons for beginning guitar players just click the link there.

Many popular Bands have used this guitar in their live and studio playing, such as Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and many, many others. You would be surprised to find out how many of your favorite songs were written and composed on a Les Paul guitar.

To this day the les paul is still in production and the design elements stay true to their historic roots to give it that real vintage feel.

The years between 48 and 66 are often thought of as Gibson’s “Golden Years” due to the high demand that their guitars came into as many people saw their favorite artists using gibson guitars.

Many new innovations also came into play at this time which expanded players playing abilities such as the tune-o-matic bridge, the Flying V based guitar, the Humbucker Pickup and several other leading designs which were all composed by Ted McCarty who was often at the lead of some of these technical innovations.

It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s until Gibson started to have some trouble and almost lost everything in the process of almost going backrupt. Thankfully the company was saved by it’s current owners in 1986. Once the company relinquished it’s partnership to new owners, the brand and manufacturer has continued to propel itself in the Guitar World and is still considered to be one of the most successfull guitar companies in the world.

The mid 1980s viewed the near-collapse of Gibson, and the firm was saved plain weeks from personal bankruptcy by present proprietors Juszkiewicz & Berryman in January 1986. The firm reversed under this brand-new possession, and continuouslies thrive to today.

Gibson is always innovating and doing what it does best: innovating and leading the Guitar Manufacturer business. The history of Gibson is laced with plenty of up’s and down’s but the future for the company as it stands now is bright and there is much hope they will continue to innovate and inspire new and old guitar players alike.

If you happen to be a new guitarist, and need to find some good training, I suggest if you want to find the best online guitar training do some searches on google to find the best teachers available.

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